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May 24th, 2010 the lost finale

Here are some miscellaneous tidbits from the Lost Finale I noticed:

1. Flash sideways = whispering in the woods. Since season 1, we have been intrigued by the spooky whispers in the jungle. Then couple of episodes back in season 6, the dead Michael appeared in the woods to tell one of our castaways that the whispers are those who died on the island but can’t move on to the other world. As it turns out, this is precisely what the flash sideways was. In my mind, this is a very satisfying and bold resolution of a mystery from season 1. (For some reason, a number of blogs and newspaper reviews are claiming that ALL of Lost was about characters already dead. These people are either not really watching the show, or they don’t deserve to be writing reviews for newspapers.)
2. Who was in the church? It is interesting to note the people that were NOT in the church with the main castaways. Presumably, these people are not yet ready to “move on” and still must suffer in the in-between world. One of these is Ben, who deliberately chooses to stay outside the church even though Locke forgives him, and Hurley invites him in. Noticeably missing were characters like Michael, Ana-Lucia, and Mr. Eko.
3. Hurley to Ben out side the church: “You were a great number 2.” Before Jack dies in the Jungle, Hurley assigns Ben as his true number 2 to help him protect the island. Later in the in-between world (flash sideways), Hurley tells Ben “You were a great number 2.” Presumably there is a lot of story left out here about how Hurley and Ben became the protectors of the island after Jack died.
4. Jin is the candidate. Sun was not. There was ambiguity about where “Kwon” mean Jin or Sun as Jacob’s candidate. But if you recall from season 4, when Ajira flight crashed and took most of our main character back to Dharma period, Sun conspicuously did not flash back with the other main characters. But ALL of those other characters who flashed back in time were revealed to be Jacob’s candidates. It must be that Sun is not a candidate. Other characters that remained in the present after the crash were Ben and Frank.
5. The “incident” that built the Swan Hatch is precisely the bomb exploded by Jack and crew. The show’s creators have repeatedly stated publicly that their show is a no-paradox time travel show. Furthermore, they have strongly implied that nothing can be changed in the past (as explained by Ms. Hawking to Desmond). Indeed, Jack and Juliet’s blowing-up of the H-Bomb is precisely what caused the Swan hatch to be built in the first place. The “alternate universe” as shown in the final season, wherein the crash of Oceanic Flight 816 never occurred, was revealed to be the after-life world, so that in the main time line, the crash did occur, even though the H-Bomb went off.
6. Desmond uncorking the island. And Jack replacing it. What is the significance of this to the fake Locke (man-in-block) becoming no longer invincible?